New technologies for architectural renders

Technological tools keep advancing across induestries, and architectural renders for real estate projects are no exception. Being in constant evolution, new techniques for architectural visualization emerge every day.

Now we can immerse ourselves in a hyper-realistic experience and see everything from panoramic images to interactive videos.

In the world of architecture, long ago were drawing plans put aside to open the way to the digitalization of architectural renderings and many other new representation tools that allow us to project, communicate and promote our ideas.

It is essential to closely follow trends and adapt to all technological innovations. Only then can you keep up with the competition and stand out even more. A differentiator must be created that can position the project as the best option available.

Innovations within our reach in architectural renders

We know that advances in digital tools have changed all processes and forms of visualization in most sectors in the market. Virtual representations have reached the real estate sector to improve our communication and collaboration with partners and clients.

The utilities of the services of virtual reality and 3D visualization exist from the very beginning of a project, through and until its completion. That is why we compile the main models that you should not overlook if you want to improve your potential client’s visual experiences.

360º panoramic

It is a periscope image in which we can interact and move around until we experience each and every corner of the project. These renderings, also called virtual reality renderings, provide us with a global visualization to explore and learn everything about the property through an interactive tour.

Hyper realistic renderings

It is a high resolution still image designed with a computer generated 3D model. It serves as a virtual model and allows a hyper-realistic perspective of any property.

3D kinematics

Its base is the same as that of a render, the difference being that now through programmed video tours we will be able to know and fully dimension any architectural project and urban development. We can recreate homes, buildings and new constructions and use this tool in commercial and conceptual videos of real estate projects.

Real Time Render

This tool allows representation in real time thanks to technology similar to a video game, where images and information are computerized at high speed. Well, in real-time renders the concept is the same, but applied to the architecture sector. Thanks to photorealistic resources we will be able to move freely and interact with the objects in the room presented in this architectural render.

Virtual reality and hyper-realistic architectural renders: What are your benefits of implementing them?

  • Hyper realistic simulation. All the scenarios, objects, shapes and textures that you can imagine can now be designed and brought to life thanks to virtual reality. The result obtained from these techniques are images so vivid that it becomes increasingly difficult to tell the difference from reality.
  • Encourage interaction. Thanks to the transformation that has arisen when interacting with these virtual visits, we achieve a more complete immersion in the project, in the same way we considerably increase the interest and participation of potential clients.
  • Competitive differentiator. It is necessary to evolve hand in hand with disruptive trends and technologies. An innovative and constant communication will be our best ally to get the attention of our target clients and excel in a market where competition abounds.
  • Personalized experience. With the help of all these improvements and advances, we have a unique and immersive experience at our fingertips, in which we are now able to customize everything from measurements, spaces, colors to finishes and designs of each object. We ensure that our clients are part of and feel included in each step of the project development.
  • Profitable investment. Certainly an initial investment is necessary, but after spending this cost, the profits that will come with the return on investment will be encouraging and satisfactory.

What if your company doesn’t currently use a high-quality 3D visualization method? Then you are missing a great support opportunity to present your projects. Remember that with the right technology and tools it is possible not only to increase sales, but also to achieve greater positioning.

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