Real estate marketing trends for 2021

Innovation in real estate marketing is an aspect that is constantly evolving. Real estate agencies have had to adapt to the problems and trends in their environment, so all types of companies have opted to evolve their strategies year after year, in order to remain current in the market and offer a great experience to their clients that is reflected in sales.

In this article, you will learn the most relevant trends of 2021, to help you to know the best strategies to keep up with innovation.

The most current trends in 2021 for real estate marketing

This year, we will see a continuation of the digital trends of recent years, greatly amplified by the digital transformation that the year 2020 brought with it.

In sum, these are the 3 areas where you need to innovate the most if you want to continue standing out:

  • Video Marketing
  • Real Estate CRM
  • Social Media Marketing

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1. Video Marketing

Video marketing in the real estate sector was already positioned as one of the most important strategies, but technology continues to evolve, and with it the tools that are part of good real estate marketing improve.

Our current worldwide situation has pushed professionals to modify their strategies, offering new and better experiences for their clients, with video being one of the most important aspects.

A significant change in recent years is that customers and prospects prefer to have visual elements that are attractive to them and, above all, that capture their attention.

Video marketing is a great tool to promote properties with full experience, creating a link with the potential client.

By this means, it is possible to capture the essence of the property and make it easier for the lead to purchase it, without ever having to go out to see it in person, but from the comfort of their home.

Just as commercial videos are part of this method, a very important format is that of virtual tours.

The best video tool in real estate marketing: Virtual Tours

Virtual tours are a huge tool that has been of great help to real estate companies in the last year, since face-to-face visits are a big problem today.

Thanks to these, real estate agents have opted for this tool that allows them to show the property in detail.

Having this type of real estate multimedia can be a mail sales factor and above all a strategy that creates attractive solutions for both the seller and the buyer that will undoubtedly make a difference.

This trend is here to stay, real estate video marketing facilitates the process for both the client and the real estate agent, without a doubt having this tool will help you improve your sales.

You can see virtual tours in solutions such as cinematics or Real Time Render.

2. Real Estate CRM

A Real Estate CRM is a virtual tool that is responsible for the management and communication between clients and real estate agents. It collects the basic and personal information of your clients to have a clearer focus on what type of properties suit their needs and, above all, to manage your leads’ data.

By now, you probably already have a CRM, which is short for Customer Relationship Manager. If not, you are falling behind.

And if you already have one … make sure it keeps growing.

This year that we closed, it showed us the enormous importance of existing in a digital environment, especially for sales. Many CRM providers took the opportunity to enhance their platforms, creating more robust and complete solutions with cutting-edge functionalities.

It is important to build a trustworthy real estate reputation. Using a good CRM allows you to do this, as well as differentiate yourself from the competition and, above all, increase your sales and automate your workflow.

Functions that a CRM can offer:

  • Make a list of clients
  • Create a list of properties that are for rent or sale
  • Manage marketing campaigns and sales promotions
  • Offers valuation ranking
  • Compare real estate, within the turn
  • Generate invoices, payroll, commissions, etc.
  • Integrate real estate agents who are part of the company

CRM in the real estate sector can give a real estate company many advantages, as it facilitates management and internal and external communication in order to offer the client a complete experience.

3. Social Media Marketing

Digital marketing in real estate is changing. After the crisis due to a global pandemic, many real estate companies had to decide what was best between adapting or dying.

In the end, the key to survival for many ended up being a good social media strategy.

This is the main tool for real estate marketing in the 21st century. Even those who refuse technological change must strengthen their presence in networks if they want to continue to stay in the market.

The reason for this is that much of the public is increasingly online, connecting and creating communities through social media. The tool that allows them to work and interact is the internet, so your best decision will be to locate real estate agents through this platform.

With the growth of new online businesses, agents who are dedicated to both buying and selling real estate have invested in incorporating a strategy of increasing ads and quality content to stimulate the interest of their potential clients.

These trends have evolved and adapted to the problems faced today in real estate marketing. Decide to implement them in your business so that you see a remarkable growth and positioning.

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