Real estate marketing from the future

Real estate marketing is a sector in continuous development and innovation. Especially in recent years, it has undergone a significant evolution at an exponential speed.

Great technological leaps have resulted in many industries having to adapt quickly and adjust their strategies to an increasingly competitive market. The case of the real estate sector is no exception. Whoever is committed to innovation and the integration of technology will be able to optimize their business and stand out from the competition.

Adapting quickly to change is necessary. I cannot be left aside in real estate marketing efforts.

The future that lies ahead

The digital age has arrived to revolutionize not only induestries but also the entire world. Technology is present everywhere and has an impact on the way we go about our daily lives.

Today we are used to having everything we need in the palm of our hands and immediately. In addition, what we seek is to make the most of our time, generating and sharing unique experiences.

Therefore, it is not surprising that the future of industries is marked by trends that seek to integrate disruptive technologies in order to automate their processes, reduce costs and provide innovative solutions.

On the other hand, the future of any company will be affected by its ability to adapt to change. In this case the important thing will be to be able to recognize what the trends are and adjust your business strategies to not only adapt, but do something different to stand out from the competition.

Real estate marketing: it’s time to transcend

Perhaps now it seems  normal to go online, search for a house and find thousands of different offers with images, videos and detailed information each one. However, the offline transformation to the online world of real estate is not something that happened overnight.

Technology marked a deep change in this sector. While it used to be about selling a home, real estate marketing today is about selling an experience.

Previously, the way to sell a property consisted of placing billboards or advertisements on radio or television to encourage people to make an appointment to see the place and its surroundings in person.

Today the process is certainly different. People are just one click away from being able to view a property in its entirety, its location and surroundings from the comfort of their home.

This change began about 10 years ago, when real estate agencies began websites to publicize their offers and services. However, at this point there was still nothing innovative yet. It simply went from placing ads offline to posting them on the internet. There was no attractive or quality content offered.

It was thanks to the arrival of social networks that real estate companies had a space to share information while interacting with the public. Without a doubt, a positive change was generated. However, there was still a place to offer and grow more.

This is when inbound marketing begins, in which everything is based on generating experiences. This is achieved through the publication of quality content, obtaining more in-depth knowledge of the user, their tastes and preferences. Through this, the value offer is personalized to the maximum.

Definitely today the client has more information and tools at their fingertips that give them a more satisfactory experience. Advancing with technology is an immediate necessity.

What will the real estate marketing of tomorrow look like?

The future of real estate features smart homes that will learn our preferences and routines even before we inhabit them.

But you are probably wondering how it is possible that they have access to that information? Well, it is something that is already applied at a certain level today. Everything will come through social networks, which study our behavior, habits and preferences.

While we get to that not too distant future today there are other forms of virtual real estate marketing. For example, can you imagine being able to tour and visit every corner of a property that you plan to buy from the comfort of your sofa or a shopping center booth?

There are already technologies such as real time render or 360 panorama which work with augmented reality lenses, which allow you to take a virtual tour in real time with a periscope image to be totally immersed in the project.

The trend is clear. As more and more people are encouraged to interact with everything that the virtual world has to offer, it is very likely that to buy a house or property you will not have to do much more than simply click.

For this reason, real estate companies will always have to seek to innovate in the digital field to create unique experiences and stand out from the competition.

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