No property sells well without interior design: real estate marketing

There is a key factor that all types of agencies and developers make the huge mistake of not including in their real estate marketing.

You know which one is?

Exact: interior design.

It is through this element that a property can truly reflect its own personality and communicate an experience beyond aesthetics.

With interior design, stories are told and imagination runs. You get to think outside the four walls to get to something else.

And if you don’t, you are losing prospects.

It can seem so simple when it comes to bringing a project to life: after spending hours and hours in meetings talking about finances, investments and strategies, what you see is almost the latest and is done just for the sake of it. That is an error.

Think about these visual elements:

  • Color palette
  • Texture
  • Setting
  • illumination
  • Decor
  • Furnishing

Each does a monumental job of selling a property. They cannot be chosen lightly, as each involves a complex analysis of location, orientation, volumetry, and space limits.

All this together comes to tell a story and connect with the emotions of the lead. After all, the purpose of real estate marketing is to communicate what a property feels like rather than what it simply is.

Interior design is the silent champion of real estate marketing

When it comes to selling, having an interior design generates a monumental competitive advantage, since it:

  • Communicates more clearly
  • Captures attention more easily
  • Inspire love from the first sight
  • Allows imagination to run wild
  • Sells feelings and experiences

Better visualizations of a real estate project is achieved through generating high-impact graphic representations that reflect an integral idea, combining value proposals towards the sale.

Think about your day to day. You wake up in bed, check your cell phone for a while and get ready to face the morning. You dress out of your closet, walk into the kitchen for breakfast, and transport yourself to your office to work.

In your home, you know where everything is. You know its functionality. You know how you like them to be.

This idea is at the core of interior design and is precisely what it seeks to achieve: provoke the visual and sensory sensitivity of those who see it.

If you can imagine yourself in a property doing what you always do as vividly as you remember your daily routine, there it is: that’s the achievement of interior design in real estate marketing.

From sight, love is born

At the time of sale, countless real estate agents present their homes in a supposedly “good condition”: empty and lifeless.

This is a mistake: it nullifies the potential of a house.

Numbers convince, but they do not create desire. That comes from functionality and sensitivity. In that sense, there is nothing better than seeing a space full of vitality, in which you can imagine years of success and prosperity.

We are in other times. 2021 will bring new challenges that will require us to evolve in line with market demands.

Home staging: a real estate marketing “secret”

Home staging is a sales strategy that’s all about “preparing” the property to attract potential buyers or renters.

In the eyes of many prospects, getting it right can be the difference between a property and a home.

Normally, it involves restoring the property, renting furniture and scheduling a photo session, in order to make the homes look good.

However, there is a better way to do it.

Digital renders allow the generation of unlimited virtual views of a property, which are created and modified in seconds.

Investing in this tool adds value to any property, as it establishes new possibilities in terms of negotiations, prices and attracting prospects.

You can easily adjust a display to refine aspects such as:

  • Color of the walls
  • Illumination tonality
  • Plants, decoration and art
  • Furniture, appliances and technology

All this can be the key in the decision to buy or rent.

On top of that, the technology behind renders allows us to go further and generate animations, three-dimensional tours and even virtual reality applications.

Is interior design profitable?

In a word: yes.

In more words … we explain.

When investing in solutions that help sell a property, such as CRM systems for the sales team or the services of an advertising agency, the focus should always be on their performance.

The technology that allows rendering with incredible interior design can facilitate prospect generation, accelerate the sales process and close more clients.

The details are noticeable. From the moment the client sees a “For sale” ad on social media to the putting their signature on the contract, details give them that little push to make them fall in love.

Interior design is a detail that creates experiences, tells stories and gives free rein to the imagination.

If you sell more and faster, the initial investment easily generates returns, to the point that this marketing tool becomes an essential piece in your sales arsenal.

Consulting with professionals allows you to meet the objective of creating a space with which the prospect identifies, can be seen living and falls in love.

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