The importance of good real estate marketing

Marketing, especially real estate marketing, is much more than simply publicizing what you want to sell and waiting for it to catch someone’s eye.

Good marketing is about creating an experience. Do more than just selling. Do better, show your product or service while presenting its values ​​and benefits to catch people’s interest.

The best way to achieve this is through imagery. As they say, “a picture is worth a thousand words”. The problem is that, sometimes, the images we have do not do justice to a product and therefore do not sell.

It takes a person as little as 5 seconds to decide whether something catches their atention or not. So  good real estate marketing requires taking advantage of these seconds to show an image that not only attracts those who see it, but also generates an emotion.

What makes good real estate marketing?

The way to sell and advertise successfully has drastically changed.

People today are saturated with information. They spend the entire day bombarded with advertisements, billboards, banners, digital screens, etc. that all offer products or services directly. People are tired of being sold to.

So in this context, it’s important to understand that good real estate marketing is not one that seeks to sell, but one that manages to convey a message. So saying “good marketing” is an understatement. Marketing is actually a very long word, and at its core is communication.

So, we can say that doing good real estate marketing relies on maintaining an adequate and effective communication, exploiting creativity and advertising with the intention of generating empathy and emotion instead of having the mind in numbers.

In the end, the only thing that stands out and stays in people’s minds is that which causes us a feeling and makes us want to want to know and find out more.

And all this can be achieved through an image.


Advice for great real estate marketing

Don’t do more of the same

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again hoping to get different results.”

This phrase by Albert Einstein explains it very clearly and has a lot of resonance within the world marketing.

If you look around you, it will be very easy for you to notice that there is practically a war to do more of the same. In real estate marketing, what most people do is communicate the same information about a project such as its location, size, etc. and instead of standing out, the opposite effect results: your project becomes one of the heap.

It is very easy to make a mistake in real estate marketing by imitating what others do. Therefore, in order not to do more of the same, you must be willing to create a disruption and generate a change. In this way you will be able to stand out from the competition.

Generate emotions

If you’re not generating emotions, you won’t achieve sales.

It’s all about stimulating sensations and creating emotional bonds with the client. What people are looking for is to generate a sense of belonging. Real estate marketing agencies must understand that it’s never been about selling houses, it’s about telling stories.

Thus, the goal is to build a positive, unique and memorable experience.

Build customer loyalty

Achieving customer loyalty today is not only a recommendation but a necessity.

The real estate sector is extremely competitive, so customer loyalty has become a key part of marketing strategies. It is a process that consists of creating a long-term relationship and is achieved by fostering trust and commitment.

Building customer loyalty will make a business grow and will add essential value to public perception and public relationships.

Take advantage of technology

Investing in technological tools can be very beneficial for real estate marketing. With the many tools that exist today, betting on innovation will always be an advantage.

Some of these tools are:

  • Virtual tours
  • Renders
  • Virtual reality

With this technology it is possible to visualize a development even before it is built.

Do not forget that, since  tyou need o win the interest of the client in the first 5 seconds, these tools represent a great advantage.

The most common real estate marketing mistakes

Not taking the customer into account

It is essential to take into account the different market niches that exist and consider that certain clients have certain types of needs. Therefore, the best way to attack a market is by knowing it. So ask yourself the right questions, like:

  • Will the customer like it?
  • Could you afford it?
  • Are we giving you enough?
  • Could we give you more with the same resources?

False advertising

One of the worst mistakes you can make is to advertise that which you do not sell. This means that your advertising must be truthfull and must adequately represent what you are offering.

From the moment the client views your advertising, certain expectations come to place, and if these are not met, a bad experience will be abound and the perception of the company will drop.

So try to obtain quality images that adequately represent the property.

What to do to be successful

Every real estate agency asks this question and the short answer is: have captivating images.

Promotion starts with the image and it must be able to speak for itself. It must make it very clear what you offer without a single word. Above all, it must create a positive emotion to hook people in the first 5 seconds.

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