New technologies in real estate projects and administration

This is the time of the internet age. The implementation of innovative technologies in our business routine is essential. When talking about planning real estate projects, we find a greater variety of organizational tools that allow increasing productivity and efficiency in the management processes of each entity.

Thanks to all these auxiliary techniques and software, we have the opportunity to develop innovative solutions that range from the administrative field to the development of marketing plans. They will serve us throughout each of the phases of the real estate project that we are carrying out.

Tools for managing real estate projects: How do they work?

Employ the appropriate resources and follow marketing strategies that adapt to the needs we want to satisfy is key to standing out from the competition exponentially.

In order to make the right decision when choosing the best method to achieve the established objectives, it is necessary to know and understand each of these techniques.

We present three alternatives for project management software, each one aimed at satisfying various objectives in your company. Find all the relevant information when deciding which application best suits your team and their needs.


This tool offers software for real estate projects equipped with a set of administrative tools to drive business processes and improve customer relationships.

Wasi offers various utilities. It can be used as a real estate website to control content and publications, as well as a real estate marketing strategy. Finally, it serves as an analysis and statistical tool to make the smartest decisions.

With this management service at hand, it is possible to obtain a significant competitive advantage and greater opportunities in the real estate sector.


Thanks to this simple application it is possible to synchronize the efforts of a work team.

This software offers tools to coordinate delivery times and deadlines, as well as to know step by step the tasks to be carried out and to visualize the evolution of the project.

In Asana you can find a very complete tool, where there is the option of creating different work teams and also different projects, always maintaining order. If you handle a variety of projects and like to keep organized through to-do lists, Asana is the app for you.


Every company must clearly know that if you want to strengthen the relationship with your audience you must first understand it. With this tool focused on inbound marketing, the commercial team has access to all the information that current and potential customers have provided, as well as their behavioral data.

It also allows grouping them in lists for greater organization and access to various tools that will be very helpful to get leads. Hubspot is a CRM software for real estate projects perfect for solving any sales situation that props up.

In the same way, we must consider within our marketing plan a series of representation strategies such as architectural renderings, hyper-realistic virtual tours and panoramic images, where the public can interact in a three-dimensional space.

The use of these tools attracts the attention of potential clients and provides us with support to carry out a successful commercialization of real estate developments. Through the Hubspot suite, it is possible to create the perfect website and digital strategy to show off high-quality renders.

Benefits of implementing tools in the management of real estate projects

When a company understands how to use the tools of real estate marketing in a suitable way, it opens the door to a myriad of advantages. Apart from giving structure and allowing control of projects, management tools give us access to more practical internal communication. This allows us to keep in touch with colleagues and streamline all processes.

Other benefits that can be obtained by executing new technologies in a real estate project are:

  • Increase the productivity of the work team
  • Achieve significant savings in mechanical process time
  • Get better results when selling and leasing properties
  • Expand the client portfolio
  • Efficient and structured organization
  • Assertive communication for customer loyalty
  • Capture and develop new projects
  • Task automation

Using state-of-the-art technology in our management, marketing and sales forces is a guarantee that our real estate project plan is successful and stands out from the competition. Do not hesitate to inmediately implement tools like these and enjoy the many benefits and solutions they provide.

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