Storytelling in real estate advertisement

Real estate advertisement is a complex sector, where success or failure strategies decide the outcome of million dollar transactions. For this reason, real estate companies need to maintain a complete marketing strategy.

When someone decides to acquire a property, whether to rent or buy, they always look for the best offer, the best real estate and the most beautiful place.

Aim for a place that has a concept. Above all, you come across all kinds of advertisements that evoke sensations and feelings that make you believe that this could be the ideal place for what you are looking for.

Thus, what the emotions convey, the reason solidifies, and ends up making contact to ask for more information. 

A property must transmit by itself, and by the communication material used to promote it, its history and essence. Exploring this angle is what opens the door to identification by a prospect, and that’s what the art of storytelling is all about.

The objective of this strategy is to show the best and create a story that shows the perfection of the home, that inspires you to think about everything that could be done in it. When accompanied by images, videos and innovative tools, a set of perspectives and ideas is created that, in the end, give evidence that certainly love is born from sight.

With storytelling, each property becomes a dream and each journey an aspiration.

How does storytelling work in advertising?

The storytelling only the creation of stories to convey a idea. For many, is the art of storytelling and develop stories that include the elements indicated to convey a message to penetrate the emotional level of the people.

This method was embedded in the world of marketing in the 90s, as a technique that helps promote a business. Since then, its use has become indispensable, as big brands use it to generate interest and sell a clearer idea of ​​their business.

With storytelling, you can give a brand its own life and personality, as well as humanize to create a bond with people, which manages to capture their attention and with which they can identify. 

Essentials for storytelling in advertising real estate

Real estate marketing relies heavily on storytelling and these are the keys to use:

  • Learn to structure as story
  • Generate short and attractive concepts
  • Offer an identifiable point of view
  • Deploy the values of your brand
  • Transmit benefits to your prospects

Learn to structure your story

The first and most basic thing so that it can even be considered “storytelling” is to build a true story. This means including an introduction, an interesting middle and a striking ending that motivates action.

Generate short and attractive concepts

The concept of your narrative is one of the main aspects that you should focus on. Finding one can be quite a challenge, but remember how important it is that it unfolds like a story and that it remains in the mind of your potential client.

Provide an identifiable point of view

Children’s stories are attractive because they have a character who is easy to project and makes the story make sense. The same with storytelling: you must find a way to involve elements that allow the audience to imagine themselves in the gaze of the narrative, even when there is no explicit character. 

Implement your brand values

Introduce values ​​such as love, friendship, happiness or simply those that identify your company to your story. Thus, you can promote the creation of relationships or bonds of affection between people and your brand.

Ask yourself: what feelings and emotions do you seek to awaken in your audience? How can you do it?

Transmit benefits for your prospects

This point is of great importance, because you must make it clear what the benefits that your project will have for its buyers.

Details are paramount: Your prospect has probably heard many numbers during their search for the perfect property, so what will really make them fall in love is the small but value-packed things like amenities.

Storytelling and advertising in real estate

It is of great benefit to apply storytelling strategies in advertising for real estate to promote projects, refresh the image of developers and generate prospects.

It allows you to differentiate yourself and stand out from the competition, since the narrative is developed specifically to stay in the mind of the target audience, improve the positioning on digital platforms and increase the perceived value of a project.

Among new generations of users, storytelling it is particularly important, since they place great value on experiences when making purchasing decisions.

The task of storytelling in a real estate company is mainly to identify its target audience, to find the correct way to address it, using a simple and direct language through a story, which fully captures their attention and provokes interest.

Storytelling to sell more and better

In order to sell, you need to build trust. Telling a story is one of the easiest ways to connect with someone, and especially in the real estate sector, if you do not create a fast and precise link with your potential client, it is very likely that your sale will not take place and therefore a customer less.

The story you have to tell must have a purpose, from beginning to end. This way of explaining the information can be used by telling the story of each property, promoting it as it is sold, explaining its personality and style. 

Storytelling strategies in real estate advertising use innovative technology to create hyper-realistic and captivating visualizations that inspire feelings and move hearts, just like Hoppers.

Now that you know a little more about storytelling, why don’t you to use it?

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