The keys to selling real estate developments remotely

Selling real estate developments remotely is not only possible, but necessary. In adverse situations like the one we are currently in, triumph won’t be for the strongest, but for whoever is able to adapt faster.

Difficult times are balanced with opportunities to be seized. The world is digitized and audiences are always connected. It has never been as easy to reach that many prospects from afar.

This is the best time to learn

Given the adverse economic situations of the last quarters coupled with the health contingency that keeps the market inside their homes, it is essential for us in the real estate industry to take quick action and adapt to this new reality that now hits us directly.

The survival of the fittest” as hackneyed as it is, is a phrase that has more sense and strength now than in previous times.

Now more than ever, users consume digital services, therefore it is imperative to prioritize content within those resources.

The modern prospect wants to make decisions for themselves, they don’t want to feel neither pressured nor dissuaded by a sales agent. They require clear, accurate and inspiring information.

No matter the market niche that is managed, everyone wants to live an experience, have a feeling of belongingness and share their joys and aspirations with the people with whom they have contact.

Having so many online prospects is a unique opportunity. It is time to tell a story, of that place that will become your first home as married, the house where you’ll spend your retirement, where you will see your family grow or where you’ll live a life according to your character and values.

The current situation of the real estate market

It is clear that the global economy has been affected by the Coronavirus epidemic, and the case of the real estate market is no different, since it will definitely be faced with new obstacles to overcome.

However, taking these obstacles into account, continuing to sell real estate developments during this period doesn’t have to be an unattainable mission, because even during this situation there are still people in need of buying and selling property. In addition, it is important to remember that real estate investments are those that produce the most long-term benefits: something that will surely be worth reminding potential buyers that are looking for an opportunity to protect their capital.

Therefore, the most important thing will be to use the right tools to adapt to this new situation and to always keep an open mind.

Technological tools to online selling

Without a doubt, having technological tools is the key to selling properties remotely. Clients will always want to see images of the property, so it will be the seller’s task to show it in the most attractive possible way.

These are the most effective tools to present a real estate project by digital media.

  • Archviz

They are architectural photographs made by computer. In some cases, their quality and attachment to detail reaches a point where it is difficult to differentiate between a real photo and a “render”. They serve to show the project before the construction work is completed and as a tool in flyers, billboards and internet illustrations.

  • Cinematics

They are short computer-made video clips that captivatingly exemplify the values or lifestyle of the project. Thanks to their audiovisual character they are perfect for digital advertising.

  • Panorama 360

It is a virtual tour made from 360 degree images that interact with each other, so that the prospect is aware of the real estate services offered. It works similarly to Google Street View, with a series of panoramic shots that can be explored by the user.

  • VGR (Video Game Ready)

Video game technology is not only focused on entertainment, it can also be used for taking interactive tours of a property. Similar to a first-person game, the user will experience a tour where they can interact with the environment and perceive emotions that can hardly be expressed with a static model.

Strengthening relationships is necessary

Not having a physical interaction can have an effect on the way a client perceives you and in the trust given to you. Therefore, it is essential to take certain steps to establish a good relationship.

  • Constant communication: Despite of not being able to meet in person, the client must be sure that the real estate agent is available at all times. So it is essential to establish frequent communication, using tools like email, calls or video, right from the start.
  • Customized experience: Customization is key to offering a quality service. For this, you must not only know the client’s name, but their tastes, interests and buying habits, in order to make them feel special and appreciated by the brand.
  • Retention: Once the customer completes a purchase, it is very important to have a loyalty program that allows them to continue to maintain contact and the possibility of collaborating again in the future.

Learn to optimize information

The goal is not only to maintain relationships with current customers, but also to attract new clients, therefore, having relevant and updated information will be essential.

Whether through the website or through social networks, it is important to analyze information and modify it if necessary. You must take into account the information that the client would like to know about the property, as well as the best images that manage to accompany that information.

Also, having an active blog to share relevant news and recommendations can be of great help. The important thing here is to create content that stands out and that is valuable to users.

We find ourselves in times of change, so having the tools to adapt and face new situations is crucial for any business.

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